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Scan the US, Canadian, UK, and Indian markets

Fast, Easy & Powerful Online Stock and ETF Screening Software - Preset Technical Stock Scans That Work. Find The Best Potential Breakouts, Pullbacks, And Short Selling Setups - Lighting Fast And Easy To Use!

If you are a swing trader or short-term investor looking for online stock screening software to quickly and easily scan for the top stocks and ETFs to buy (or sell short) in the US, Canadian, United Kingdom, or Indian stock markets, the MTG Stock Screener with preset, "turn key" technical scans is exactly what you need.

Our online stock screener features and benefits include:

  • Simplicity - Just one click scans thousands of stocks & gives you only the best stocks and ETFs ready to move
  • Power - Preset formulas crunch data to scan for stocks ready to breakout, pulling back, or setting up to sell short
  • Speed - Save hours of hard work in your nightly stock chart research, giving you more free time to enjoy your life
  • Proven strategy - Rule-based technical stock scans based on our winning swing trading system since 2002
  • Convenient - Fully web-based software; nothing to download and compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.
  • User-friendly - No need for ANY programming or coding; simply log in, select the scan of your choice, and click
  • Economical - "No nonsense" pricing at $4.95 for the first 30 days (trial period), then just $11.95/month thereafter